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How it all began - The Original Valkaria Tropical Gardens 

Valkaria Gardens began as one man’s dream to educate the world and share his passion for rare unusual blooming and colorful foliage plants. The original Valkaria Gardens, located on Corey Road in Valkaria, as we know it today, was founded by
Dr. B. Frank Brown and Cleofar P. Millare, and in 1988 Dr. Brown and Cleo began construction on Valkaria Tropical Gardens.
After two years of laborious work, Dr. Brown and Cleofar opened the gardens to the public.  This lush tropical oasis served as the launching pad for the current day Valkaria Gardens LLC, operated by Cleo and his partner Timothy Laudermilk, which carries on Dr.  Brown’s passion to provide the general public easy access to beautiful, unusual foliage and flowering plants from all corners of the globe.

Come explore and experience our beautiful tropical paradise located in Grant-Valkaria. Stop in and stroll through the abundant selection of palms, bamboo, fruit trees, bromeliads, flowering landscape plants, and many hard to find, unusual tropical specimens.  If it’s available, you will likely find it at Valkaria Gardens.

Come meet the Valkaria Gardens team and spend some time in what many consider to be East Central Florida’s premier tropical garden oasis.

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